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Greenery of the Week!

28 Nov

Instead of a flower this week since Christmas is coming you’re going to learn about some different evergreens.
White Pine

White pine needles are soft and flexible and cover the stem densely. Many people like the more airy quality of pine greenery. Pine means Pity.


Cedar greenery has flat lacy foliage that is somewhat waxy in texture, and means Strength, or I live for Thee.

Silver Fir

Silver Fir have shorter needles with rounded tips and most closely resemble a traditional Christmas tree. Fir means time.

Hope you enjoyed this special edition of Flower of the Week! Happy Christmas decorating! Give us a call if you need any help!


Flower of the Week!

21 Nov

This week in honor of Thanksgiving I chose to tell you about a flower we have been using quite often recently because it is so appropriate for fall arrangements!
Red Rover

Rovers are part of the Chrysanthemum family and they look like a large daisy. Though we mosly use red this time of year they also come in white, lavender, yellow, bronze, and gold. Rovers mean hope, cheerfulness, optimism, rest, and truth. The Red rover specifically means sharing, a perfect sentiment for Thanksgiving!

Don’t forget any flower in the Chrysanthemum family is appropriate as the birth flower of November.

This is such a wonderful article from flower magazine.

15 Nov

“Massachusetts’ Hope in Bloom is on a mission to grace the lives of breast cancer patients with flowers, gardens, and joy.”
changing the landscape» flower magazine.

Flower Of The Week

15 Nov

I had the day off yesterday so here’s your Flower of the Week post!

Gerbera Daisy
 Gerbera  Daisies are also known as Transvaal Daisy, African Daisy, or Barberton Daisy. This fun flower comes in a large variety of colors including white, pink, red, burgundy, peach, orange, and yellow. Gerbera daisies are so fun and versatile! The pink ones can be used in a cheerful birthday arrangement while the yellows, oranges, and reds are great for fall arrangements. They are very popular for spring weddings and look great mixed with other flowers or in an arrangement by themselves. Gerbera Daisies mean pretty, strong, and enduring purity.

A helpful guide from Florist Chronicles for anyone planning a wedding.

9 Nov

Wedding Flower Guide | Florist Chronicles.

Before you go in for your consultation make yourself a checklist of flowers you want for your ceremony or reception. Make it in order of importance to you so you can trim things down if the quote exceeds your budget.

Flower Of The Week

7 Nov

It’s Monday! You all know what that means.
The Flower of the Week is: Chinese Lantern

The Chinese Lantern is also sometimes known as Paper Lantern Plant, Winter Cherry, or Bladder Cherry. The blooms are acorn shaped and have a paper like texture. They are always orange in color, but can have a graduated tint varying in intensity from the top to the bottom of the bloom. We like to use Chinese Lanterns in especially unique arrangements, so be sure to ask for them if you’re wanting something funky. Chinese Lanterns mean enlightenment.