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Flower Of The Week

30 Jan


Hyacinth is a pretty spring flower that smells so nice! They can be White, Blue, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Peach, or Yellow. We have been getting hyacinth in our bulb gardens that also include tulips, daffodils, and primrose. Hyacinth means sport, game, play, young love, or rashness.


Wedding Planning: What’s my style?

26 Jan

When you work in a flower shop you hear a lot of brides talk about planning their wedding. It seems that a common struggle for brides-to-be is settling on a specific style for their wedding. Having an overarching style for your wedding is important for providing unity between your dress, the wedding party’s attire, decorations, flowers etc. Some people shy away from a style because they think it is too confining, but a style really just provides you with inspiration. You can mix elements of different styles in to the subtle details of your wedding for a surprising twist. Here are 4 different styles to consider.

The staple of this style is clean lines with delicate details. Look to Coco Chanel and Katherine Hepburn for inspiration. Pearls are sure to be found around the bride’s neck. The ultra traditional bride may opt for an all white wedding which will add to the clean elegance of this style. The classic wedding definitely lends itself to a more formal affair perhaps set in a country club or ballroom. Orchids are a popular choice to include in a classic wedding.

This style draws its inspiration from the earth and oozes with country charm. This style is very versatile that can be used for anything from a fall wedding with rich golds, reds, and greens to a spring affair with soft pinks and creams. You can also go in a more country direction with hay bales and corn stalks or opt for a woodland feel with wild flower crowns and manzanita tree centerpieces.

English Garden
Dreamy lace, soft pastels, and bird cages are all things you will find at an English Garden inspired wedding. This style begs for an outdoor setting preferably in, well, a garden. Perhaps one of the most romantic of all the styles the English Garden wedding is full of ruffles and frills. Peonies, Hydrangeas, and garden roses will most certainly be present on the tables and in the bouquets.

The style for the trendsetting bride. Modern weddings are full of sleek details that push the envelope of originality. A modern wedding often includes a somewhat neutral color scheme with pops of bright tangerine or aqua thrown in at unexpected places. Fun floral & feather hairpieces can often be seen at an event like this. The type of flower is not as important as how they are arranged. The modern bride opts for fun and unique arrangements that are out of the ordinary.

There you go, happy wedding planning everyone!


Flower Of The Week

23 Jan

The flower of the week is: Delphinium

Delphinium is also known as Jacob’s Ladder. It comes in White, Light Blue, Purple, and Lavender. The flowers grow along the length of the stem which can range from 18 to 40 inches tall. Delphinium means big-hearted, fun, airy, come down, swiftness, boldness, and it is also the symbol of the dolphin.

Flower Of The Week

16 Jan

It’s time for tulips!

Tulips are very simple flowers which is part of what makes them so appealing. Tulips are available in White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Peach, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Two tone. Tulips grow on fairly short stems and look wonderful on their own in a vase. Tulips mean perfect lover or fame. Yellow tulips mean hopeless love or there’s sunshine in your smile. The two tone variety means beautiful eyes or enchantment. We have cash and carry tulips for $9.99 a bunch!

Fun Facts: Tulips continue to grow even after they have been cut. They naturally open and grow toward a light source.

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10 Jan

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Flower Of The Week

9 Jan

The flower of the week this week was the most popular at The Pink Bridal Show yesterday.


Peonies are beautiful flowers that start out as a perfectly round bud and when left at room temperature open to look like the picture above. They can be White, Pink, Magenta, Red, Burgundy, Peach or Yellow. They are gorgeous when used in bridal bouquets like the one below.

Peonies mean healing, bashfulness, happy life, happy marriage, good health, prosperity, & are associated with the 12th wedding anniversary.

Pink Knoxville Bridal Show: January 8, 2012

4 Jan

Check out this article on the Pink Bride Blog about the upcoming Bridal Show! If you’re a bride-to-be this is a great resource for all your wedding planning needs. We hope to see you there!

The Pinkbook – Pink Knoxville Bridal Show Preview: January 8, 2012.