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More wedding style tips.

28 Feb

Here’s another great article about choosing a style for your wedding. This one is from the Etsy blog. If you’re planning a wedding and you haven’t checked out all the great handmade and vintage products on you really should. 
What’s Your Wedding Style? | The Etsy Blog


Flower Of The Week

27 Feb

This week’s flower is one of our most often requested flowers.

Stargazer Lily

Stargazers are a type of Oriental Lily and are white with pink markings. There are 5 to 8 blooms on each stem and each bloom is about 5 inches across. When you receive an arrangement from a quality florist with Stargazers in it the open flowers will have the anthers (the small orange things in the picture above) pulled off. However, not all the blooms will be open when you receive the arrangement so, as the buds open it is a good idea to take a tissue and pull the anthers off. This will prevent the orange pollen from causing any stains. All types of Lilies mean purity, majesty, wealth, pride, and innocence. The Stargazer Lily in particular means Ambition.

River of Flowers: Christchurch, New Zealand

24 Feb

The residents of Christchurch New Zealand use flowers to commemorate the lives lost in an earthquake. Read the whole article at: The Human Flower Project

“The River of Flowers is an opportunity to:

come together as a city through a river of flowers

let go through dropping flowers into the river

hold two minutes of silence to remember those who have died, been injured, or who have lost their homes

write notes of hope and post them on a tree of hope

acknowledge the importance of the river(s) in the life and heritage of the city

give a token of respect back to the river(s)

show the connections between communities – particularly those most affected

celebrate our strength – resilience and supporting one another”

Flower Of The Week

20 Feb

This week’s flower is:


Iris is an intricate looking flower with 3 inner petals and 3 outer petals. They can be blue, purple, white, or yellow. We usually have the blue or purple variety here at the shop. Iris come to us tight in a bud (like in the picture below) they open when they are left at room temperature. When they are fully open you can see the 6 distinct petals.

Iris has many different meanings including:
A message for you
Wisdom & Valor
Good Luck gift for a man
Emblem of a Warrior
Your friendship means so much to me
My Compliments

Iris is the birth flower for February are also associated with the 25th wedding anniversary.

Flower Of The Week

15 Feb

Sorry it’s a little late this week. As you all know it was Valentine’s Day this week so we’ve been quite busy at the shop.
This week’s flower is Dendrobium Orchid

Dendrobium Orchids are a beautiful, exotic flower. They can be White, Lavender, Pink, Magenta, Green, or Bicolor. Five to seven blooms adorn a ten to twelve inch stem. Dendrobium orchids mean Love, Refinement, Many Children, Ecstasy, and Rare Beauty.

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For the DIY Bride

6 Feb

If you’re the kind of bride that wants to be hands on with your wedding we have the perfect option for you!

Our Do-It-Yourself Package includes:
– Bridal Consultation
– Ordering, receiving and processing of your wedding flowers
– 3 hour design party for you and your friends and family to use our shop to design your arrangements (don’t worry one of our designers will be there for tips and suggestions)
– Storage in our coolers until you pick up your flowers the day of your wedding

All for $300.00
(does not include the cost of your flowers)


Flower Of The Week

6 Feb

This week’s flower is…


Snapdragons are also known as Dragon Flower or Snow Dragon. They can be White, Lavender, Purple, Pink, Magenta, Red, Peach, Orange, Yellow, or Bicolor. Snapdragons are fun and whimsical looking flowers and are used as the line flower in arrangements. Snapdragons are very sensitive to ethylene gas (the gas produced by ripening fruit) so be careful not to keep them too close to your fruit bowl.

Meanings: Deception; Presumption; Let’s be impetuous; Gracious lady; No