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Flower Of The Week

30 Apr

Tomorrow is May 1st so I thought you all would like to know the birth flower for May is:
Lily of The Valley

Lily of the valley is a very small and delicate flower with tiny bell shaped blooms. It is usually white, but on very rare occasion it will be pink. Lily of the valley is a very fragile flower and as a result is somewhat expensive. Along with being the birth flower for May it also means sweetness, a return of happiness, purity of heart, you made my life complete, and protection from evil spirits.

Fun Fact: Kate Middleton used this flower in her bridal bouquet.


Flower Of The Week

23 Apr

This week’s flower is a very elegant bloom.
Garden Rose

Garden roses can also be called English Roses and are usually a hybrid rose. They start to bloom like a peony, or ranunculus in that the petals form a ball and then open to reveal the inner petals. Garden roses can be red, pink, orange, peach, yellow, green, white, cream, or bi-color. The petals are wavy and the blooms are very soft and elegant looking. Garden roses are a popular choice for wedding flowers. Garden Roses have the same meanings as regular roses and vary with the color, however when roses are used as wedding flowers they simply mean happiness.

Flower Of The Week

16 Apr

This week’s flower is one of the best smelling things on this earth.

Gardenia can also be known as Cape Jasmine. Gardenias are always white and are extremely fragrant. They grow on a bush and have stems that are only about an inch long, so they need to have wires added in order to use them in an arrangement or a bouquet. They are perfect for floating in a lotus bowl. Gardenias are very fragile so they should be handled as little as possible to avoid bruising. Gardenia means Secret Love, Joy, You Are Lovely, Good Luck, Feminine Grace, Artistry, Subtlety, Sweet Love, and Refienement.

Flower Of The Week

9 Apr

This week’s flower is an unusual one. It is the tropical Pincushion Protea.

Pin Cushion Protea, as you can see, is a very unique flower. It can be red, orange, or yellow and is a globular flower with pin shaped petals. The flower is native to South Africa, but also grows in some parts of California. Pin Cushion Protea means smelling nice, or don’t despair. Brides may not think of this as a wedding flower but it can look great in a bridal bouquet!

This article is a must read for all couples planning a wedding!

5 Apr

The Ten Most Popular Wedding Flowers & What You Should Know Before Choosing Them

This article tells about flowers most often chosen for weddings. It is extremely informative and tells you the price, availability, sturdiness, etc. about the ten most popular wedding flowers. All the things you need to know when choosing your wedding flowers!

Flower Of The Week

2 Apr

Can you believe it’s already April? You all know what that means. It’s time for the April birth flower!
Sweet Pea

Sweet pea comes in white, lavender, purple and pink. It has an average of 5 paper-like, butterfly shaped, blooms on each stem. As well as being the birth flower for April, sweet pea is also associated with the 30th wedding anniversary. It also means remember me, blissful pleasure, shyness, and thank you for a lovely time.

Note: If you would like an arrangement including sweet pea be sure to give us a call the day before because we do not keep it in stock so we would have to special order it for you.