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Flower Of The Week

25 Jun

If you’ve stepped outside in the past couple days you know that summer is already in full swing. This week we’ll be looking at a fun summer flower.

Dahlias are also known as Georginas. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, peach, orange, yellow, and bicolor. There are many different varieties of dahlias and the shape and size depends on which type it is. The petals are attached in a way that makes them look concave, and some of them have daisy like centers. Most of the flowers on the market today are available throughout the whole year,  but Dahlias are truly a summer flower. Their season starts in June and they are available through October.
Meaning: Treachery, Elegance, Dignity, Instability, Good Taste, Forever Thine. Dahlias are associated with the 14th wedding anniversary.


Flower Of The Week

18 Jun

This week we’ll be looking at a succulent which isn’t a flower, but it does look like one.
Hen and Chicks

Hen and Chicks are part of the succulent family and grow in a rosette pattern. They get their name because they start out as one main plant (the hen) and the offspring begin as tiny buds on the main plant (the chicks). The chicks eventually take up root near the hen. Hen and chicks are extremely easy to grow, and are becoming an increasingly popular choice to include in wedding bouquets.

Flower Of The Week

11 Jun

This week’s flower is a well known one and is a favorite of many people.

Sunflowers are gorgeous flowers that get their name from the characteristic of turning its “face” toward the sun. However, they only do this when they are still growing. Once they have matured fully, they face east. The flower head can be different sizes ranging from 3 to 8 inches across. Another lesser known variety of sunflower is called a Teddy Bear. (see below)

Sunflowers mean haughtiness, power, adoration, devotion, you are splendid, and homage.

Flower Of The Week

4 Jun

It’s time for our flower of the week post. It’s also a new month so it’s also time to remind you that the birth flower for June is a Rose.

A rose is such a classic flower and it comes in so many colors that mean different things. Here’s a list of the different meanings for different colored roses.
Red: “I love you.” & Romance
White: Innocence & Purity
White & Red: Unity
Deep Pink: Thank-you
Regular Pink: Happiness (This is a great way to say “I am very happy with our relationship.”)
Light Pink: Sympathy
Yellow: Friendship & Caring
Lavender: Falling in Love
Orange: I desire you or I want to get to know you better
Black: Death
Blue: Mystery (Blue roses don’t exist naturally they have to be dyed)

June is national rose month so get creative and create different messages by mixing colors.