Flower Of The Week

4 Jun

It’s time for our flower of the week post. It’s also a new month so it’s also time to remind you that the birth flower for June is a Rose.

A rose is such a classic flower and it comes in so many colors that mean different things. Here’s a list of the different meanings for different colored roses.
Red: “I love you.” & Romance
White: Innocence & Purity
White & Red: Unity
Deep Pink: Thank-you
Regular Pink: Happiness (This is a great way to say “I am very happy with our relationship.”)
Light Pink: Sympathy
Yellow: Friendship & Caring
Lavender: Falling in Love
Orange: I desire you or I want to get to know you better
Black: Death
Blue: Mystery (Blue roses don’t exist naturally they have to be dyed)

June is national rose month so get creative and create different messages by mixing colors.

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