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Rose Bouquet Special!

31 Jul

These adorable pavé style rose bouquets are only $25.00! We have lots of different colors available, and we can even mix them if you want! We deliver all over the Knoxville, TN area. (Delivery is not included in the price)


Flower Of The Week

30 Jul

The month of August is arriving this week and the birth flower for August is a Poppy

Poppy flowers come in a multitude of colors. They have 4 to 6 petals that open until they form a flat flower. Poppies have medicinal properties and the seeds are often used in cooking. As well as being the birth flower for August poppies symbolize peace and sleep.

Trivia Question: In which movie is there a field of poppies that causes people to sleep forever?
(If you come in and tell us the answer we’ll give you a free flower)

Flower Of The Week

23 Jul

Summer is the time for visiting exotic places. Places where you can find this flower.
Bird of Paradise

Birds of Paradise, or as they are sometimes known, just Birds, are a beautiful tropical flower. The flower fans out from a sheath at the very end of the stalk. The outer petals are either orange or white and the inner ones are a deep blue. These flowers are very temperature sensitive and can not survive in environments colder than 45 degrees Farenheit. Birds of Paradise mean magnificence, freedom, or good perspective.

Attention Brides! If you want to preserve your bouquet this is a must read.

20 Jul

This is a great article from The Pinkbook. It has some really helpful tips on how to handle your bouquet the day of the wedding and what to do with it until you can get it to the preservation studio.
Tips for Preserving Your Bouquet.

This article recommends Wall Flowers which is located in Dandridge, TN. There is also a company called Flowers Forever Inc. that serves all of Tennessee.

Flower Of The Week

16 Jul

The flower in the spotlight this week shares its name with a tentacled sea creature.

Anemones can also be called windflower, poppy anemone, or lily of the field. They are a flat flower with either a black or white center. The petals can be white, blue, purple, red, or a combination of any of those four colors. The white flowers with black centers are especially popular for weddings with a black and white color scheme. The meaning of anemones is somewhat depressing: Expectation or Abandonment, Forsaken, Fragile, Fading hope, Refusal, or Sickness (maybe we’ll just keep that to ourselves)

Social Media Special

12 Jul

As a thank-you to everyone who follows any or all of our social media we are offering a special for you! Just mention that you saw this on our blog, facebook, or twitter and you will recive a special price on Gerbera daisies only  $1.50 per stem! That’s a 50% savings! (While Supplies Last)

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Thanks again for your continued support!

Floral Lingo

10 Jul

A couple posts ago we talked about the difference between pavé and traditional floral arrangements. Another option you have when purchasing a floral arrangment is whether you want it in a vase or in wet floral foam. Flowers tend to live longer in a vase arrangement because it is easier to recut the stems, but floral foam allows for very creative and unique floral design.

Just in case you don’t know here’s an explanation of how wet floral foam works. The foam is made from a highly absorbant material and when it is soaked in water it holds the moisture for several days. Below are several examples of arrangements that were done in oasis that could not be done in a vase.

This whimsical arrangement is in a vase, but it is actually done in floral foam. The foam is wrapped in moss and then placed in the clear vase.

This arrangement is in a tray that holds a block of foam allowing the flowers to be placed in shapes and lines that would be impossible in a vase. Notice how the pink Gladiolus flowers are almost sweeping down into the arrangement creating a visually pleasing line.

Floral foam lends itself well to centerpieces because it allows for a long and low shape.

Floral foam also allows arrangments to be done in baskets.

As you can see there are many unique things that can be accomplished using wet floral foam, but as I mentioned earlier in the post the flowers will not last quite as long as if they are in a vase (especially flowers that require a lot of water such as hydrangeas) so if you want an arrangment done in foam make sure have it delivered no more than a day ahead of time to ensure the freshest flowers possible. If the foam is in a container that water can be pored into be sure to do that and it will help your flowers live longer.

Stay tuned for more Floral Lingo posts!