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The faces of Echelon Florist: Laura

25 Sep

We have a wonderful team here at Echelon Florist and we want to share our passion for floral design with you! For the next several weeks we will be introducing ourselves to you and telling our stories here on the Echelon Florist blog. We’d love to answer any questions you have for us so feel free to leave a comment here or send us an email at

Meet Laura Smith
Owner & Award Winning Designer

Laura’s Story: Since age comes before beauty, I get to start first. I have been in the floral business for over 40 years. Blessed to have found my passion at a young age I started working at a flower shop in Lafayette, CO at age 16. Throughout my life I have traveled across the United States and have been lucky to work with many talented floral designers. When my husband’s career landed us in Knoxville, TN we found Echelon Florist and I found my haven. For the last 18 years I have enjoyed going to work everyday! There isn’t a flower I don’t love or a person I don’t enjoy talking to.

Laura’s favorite type of design: I don’t really have one. I do love European hand tied and the casual country look.

Laura’s favorite flower: Anything between Alstroemeria Lilies & Zinnias


Flower Of The Week

24 Sep

This week’s flower is so unique and delicate.

Spray orchids are also known as Oncidium orchids or Dancing lady (can you see why?). They are available all year and can be red, yellow, brown or bicolor. The coloring of these orchids makes them a popular choice for fall arrangements. There are many tiny blooms on each stem.
Meaning: Love, Refinement, Symbol for many children, Ecstasy, Promotes strength, Rare beauty.

Flower Of The Week

17 Sep

This week’s flower is delicate and very fragant bloom.

Freesia (pronounced FREES-ya) is available the whole year and can be white, lavender, putple, pink, magenta, red, orange, yellow, or bicolor. Some people think this flower smells like fruit loops. There are multiple blooms on each stem and when one begins to fade be sure to pull it off the stem so the other buds can open.
Meaning: Innocence, Spirited, Careful & calm love, Thoughtfulness

Flower Of The Week

10 Sep

The flower this week is a lovely, romantic flower called Astilbe.

Astilbe can also be known as Goat’s Beard or False Spirea. It has tiny flowers that form feathery plumes. The stems grow to be 24 to 30 inches long. Astilbe is a beautiful flower to use in wedding bouquets.

Meaning: I’ll still be waiting, Love at First Sight

Flower Of The Week

4 Sep

The flower this week is a very whimsical one. It even has a fun name
Allium Gigantum

Allium gigantum is more commonly known as Giant Allium or Onion Flower. It can be white or lavender and has very tiny flowers clustered together to form a globe. The stem is round & leafless. Giant Allium can grow to be 36 inches tall!
Meaning: Unity, Good fortune and prosperity, Thought to ward off evil spirits, Strength