Flower Of The Week

23 Jan

This flower of the week is a repeat from last year (from around the same time), but it is such a popular flower & we’re running a special on them.

The season for tulips has begun and they are beautiful. Tulips come in a wide range of colors and can also be two toned. They need to be kept in cool water to keep them from opening too quickly. When you get them home if they are too open you can put them in the refrigerator for a little while or put a few ice cubes in the vase. Tulips also grow toward a light source, so you may have to cut a few inches off the stems every few days. Since we talked about tulips once before here are some pictures of the different varieties of tulips. The picture above is of holland tulips which we keep in the shop all the time. We have bunches of 10 for $7.99 & our special during the month of January is $25 for 10 tulips in a vase with FREE local delivery!

Parrot Tulips
Parrot tulips are usually two toned and the petals have a ruffled edge.

French tulips
French tulips look basically the same as Holland Tulips, but they have a much longer stem. This quality allows them to make much larger, more showy arrangements than the Holland variety. They are however, quite a bit more expensive.

Tulip Meaning: Perfect Lover, Fame
Pink: Caring
Varigated: Beautiful eyes, Enchantment


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