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26 Mar

We may all have to plant this in our yards if this snow keeps coming!

Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers Presents...

Chionodoxa; glory in the snowCan’t wait for the spring flowers to bloom? You may not have to wait much longer, if you have glory in the snow in your garden! Glory in the Snow (Chionodoxa) is one of the earliest blooming flowers in the spring and they will even bloom through the snow, hence the name.

Glory in the snow is a bulbous plant that produces small, dainty star-shaped flowers. Blue is the most common colour, but some are available in pink and white, with the center white. Each bulb produces 5-10 blooms on brown stems.

The blue ones are often confused with the similar looking Scilla plant, another a blue, star-shaped flower. To differentiate the two, look at the center of the flower. Glory in the snow will have flatten stamens and also the petals are joined together in the center. The plant is native to snowy alpine regions of Turkey, Crete and…

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Flower Of The Week

25 Mar

This week’s flower is cute as a button and is perfect for adding a small pop of color to arrangements and  bouquets. It’s especially great for those extra colorful weddings.
Matsumoto Aster

Matsumoto Asters can also be known as China Aster or Rainbow Aster. They are in peak season during the months of April through September. They can be white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, peach, and yellow. There are 3 to 5 button-like blooms on an 18 to 24 inch stem with very long breaks. The centers are always yellow.
Meaning: Watchful eye; Beginning; Contentment and love; I will think of it; Love of variety; Afterthought

Flower Of The Week

19 Mar

The flower of the week is an adorable little spring flower.
Muscari is also known as Grape Hyacinth and blooms in the spring. It can be white or blue and only grows to be 8 inches tall. The the tiny blooms cluster together in a way that resembles an upside down bunch of grapes (hence the name). It looks lovely paired with other spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, ranunculus, etc.


Flower Of The Week

11 Mar

This flower of the week can probably be found in your own backyard. (If not yours, then your neighbor’s.)
Forsythia blooms from January through April. The flowers are always yellow and grow along a 30 to 48 inch stem. The Forsythia plant grows as a bush and can be seen all around Knoxville. This flower looks lovely in spring arrangements. Meaning: Anticipation