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Flower of the Week: Green Hydrangeas

22 Jul

Mini hydrangeas

Lately Echelon has especially taken to the extremely intriguing green hydrangeas that have been cut slightly early by the growers. These hydrangeas have a greater variety of form and lines between the small buds and the larger petals that have bloomed. The buds have lovely, rounded petals tightly grouped together, and the full bloomed petals are flat and papery thin about 1″ across in bunches about 4-8″ wide. The stems are around 10-24″ long.

They add a very interesting touch to arrangements with other flowers and are fascinating enough to look very pleasing on their own! Another benefit of the early cut hydrangeas is that they will last longer when kept in water than the fully bloomed, as you get to watch all of the buds bloom over a span of up to 10 days. Hydrangeas are also available year round.

The hydrangea’s flower language meanings are perseverance and ‘Thank you for understanding.’

So, if you are only familiar with the fully bloomed hydrangeas you see growing on the bushes, give the early cuts a try for a unique edge in the floral arrangement of your choice!


Flower of the Week- Calla Lily

14 Jun


This summer wedding season, calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) , in all their vibrant color and size variations, are quickly becoming a favorite choice for outfit decorations, bouquets, room arrangements, etc. They are well suited for any ornamental need!

Also called Trumpet lilies, Arum lilies, and Pig lilies, Calla lilies have an elegant, swooping curvature to the petal shape and have large and mini sizes. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, red, peach, orange, yellow, green, and the very intriguing bicolored forms.

Calla lilies are perennial and require part shade, and full sun in cooler climates. They are definitely not edible, but who would want to stop looking at them any how?

They are fragrant and  last between four and eight days, but look lovely dried if you want to hold on them to remember your special occasion!

Flower Of The Week

1 Apr

The flower this week is actually a flowering shrub that blooms in the spring.
We’ll be seeing the azaleas bloom here in Knoxville very soon! We have some gorgeous potted azaleas here at the shop as well. They are in the Rhododendron family and like to be in the shade. The blooms can be one of the 4 colors pictured above. There are Azalea festivals in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia.
Meaning: Take care of yourself for me.

Flower Of The Week

25 Mar

This week’s flower is cute as a button and is perfect for adding a small pop of color to arrangements and  bouquets. It’s especially great for those extra colorful weddings.
Matsumoto Aster

Matsumoto Asters can also be known as China Aster or Rainbow Aster. They are in peak season during the months of April through September. They can be white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, peach, and yellow. There are 3 to 5 button-like blooms on an 18 to 24 inch stem with very long breaks. The centers are always yellow.
Meaning: Watchful eye; Beginning; Contentment and love; I will think of it; Love of variety; Afterthought

Flower Of The Week: Valentine’s Day Edition

5 Feb

Valentine’s day is approaching quickly, so it’s time to get those orders called in!

Here are the prices of our Valentine’s Day arrangements & our Valentine’s day specials:
Bud Vase with 1 Rose – $17.50
Bud Vase with 2 Roses – $22.50
Bud Vase with 3 Roses – $27.50
1 dozen Cash & Carry Colored Roses – $19.99
1 dozen Cash & Carry Red Roses – $24.99
1/2 dozen Colored roses arranged – $39.99
1/2 dozen Red roses arranged – $45.99
1/2 dozen Premium Red roses arranged – $64.99
1 dozen Colored roses arranged –
1 dozen Red roses arranged – $64.99
1 dozen Premium Red roses arranged – $89.99

Valentine’s Day Specials
Tu-Tu Sweet
20 Tulips arranged – $34.99
Jungle Love
Unique tropical arrangement – $125.00
Ultimate Romance
1 dozen Premium Red roses arranged & 1/2 pound of chocolate covered strawberries – $99.99

As far as the flower of the week goes I thought it would be appropriate to list the rose meanings again. We get lots of questions about that this time of year so here is a guide for you to look at while choosing your roses!

Rose Color Meanings
Red: “I love you.” & Romance
White: Innocence & Purity
White & Red: Unity
Deep Pink: Thank-you
Regular Pink: Happiness (This is a great way to say “I am very happy with our relationship.”)
Light Pink: Sympathy
Yellow: Friendship & Caring
Lavender: Falling in Love
Orange: I desire you or I want to get to know you better
Blue: Mystery (Blue roses don’t exist naturally they have to be dyed)

Give us a call today at (865) 690-7427 to place your order!

Poinsettia Varieties

20 Dec

I’m sure by now lots of you have received poinsettas, but there are so many more varieties now than just the standard red and white. You may be wondering what yours is called here are the different varieties that we have sent out of our shop this year.

Jingle Bells – Mostly red brackets with small spots of white. They look like they’re splatter painted! This was our most popular variety this year! DETA-664
Ruby Frost – This variety is red and white mixed. The red almost looks like it is peeking through the white giving the poinsettia an overall pink hue.

Ruby Frost 2
Ice Punch – This variety is mostly red with a faded section in the middle of each bracket. This is also a very popular variety.
Poinsettia Ice Punch 11-30-10
Christmas Rose – This variety of poinsettia has more curved, smaller brackets which makes it resemble a rose (hence the name). This variety comes in many different colors.
Now you know what to tell people when they ask you what your beautiful poinsettia is called!

Random Acts of Flowers

28 Nov

This time of year usually gets us thinking about how we can help others. Random Acts of Flowers is a wonderful organization that has many volunteer opportunities. Check them out!

Grower Direct Fresh Cut Flowers Presents...

In amidst of all the negativity in our world today, it’s always a breath of fresh air to hear about the good things people are doing to make the world a more positive place to live. Sometimes, it is as simple as giving away flowers. And as we all know, flowers do make us happy. Plus, studies have shown that flowers can help improve moods and overall health.

Larsen Jay (pictured above) knows firsthand the power of flowers. He was confined to a hospital bed for an extended period of time. What made his stay that much more enjoyable was the love and support from his friends and family, along with the flower bouquets they left behind.

When he started getting better and was able to walk around the hospital, he was sad to see that many patients didn’t have any flowers in their rooms. The gift of…

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