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Echelon Moving Update

20 Jun


For those customers not yet aware, Echelon Florist is currently going through a major transition leading to a relocation in a different building in the Rocky Hill Center. Our new address will be 1260 Rocky Hill Rd.
We are expanding the flower department, downsizing the gift shop. But this is great news for our gift and ornament shoppers, because we are having a massive moving sale! There is plenty to get rid of, so the merchandise is all discounted- a perfect opportunity to stock up on holiday decorations ahead of time for very low prices!

The store might be in a bit of disarray as we review and rearrange what we have and what we plan to take, but please feel free to come in and take advantage of the sale, and call if you need anything. We will keep you all updated on our progress and look forward to seeing you at the new store!

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Flower of the Week

3 Dec

We’ve been busy little elves (as our customers like to call us) decorating for Christmas! We’re back in the shop for today and this week’s featured flower is: Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem can also be called Chincherinchee or Ornithogalum. It is available the whole year, but it is especially popular at Christmas because of its name, and the star shaped blooms. It can be white, yellow, or orange, but the most commonly seen color is white. The flowers are clustered on the top of a slender, leafless stem. They open slowly from the bottom of the cluster to the top. When the blooms at the bottom begin to wilt they should be removed from the stem to encourage the buds at the top to continue opening. Meaning: Purity, Reconcilliation, Atonement

Flower Of The Week

30 Oct

Sorry this is a day late. We’ve been so busy getting ready for our Holiday Open House this weekend! Stop by and see us if you can (click the link above for our hours and location). In honor of the shop looking so festive for Christmas I thought I would choose a Christmas flower to share with you.

Amaryllis is popular for Christmas because it starts bloming in November and continues blooming throughout the winter. The flowers can be white, pink, red, peach, orange, or bicolor. There are 2 to 4 blooms on each thick, hollow stem. They are trumpet shaped and approximately 6 inches across. Meaning: Pride; Beauty; Drama; Timidity