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Flower of the Week: Green Hydrangeas

22 Jul

Mini hydrangeas

Lately Echelon has especially taken to the extremely intriguing green hydrangeas that have been cut slightly early by the growers. These hydrangeas have a greater variety of form and lines between the small buds and the larger petals that have bloomed. The buds have lovely, rounded petals tightly grouped together, and the full bloomed petals are flat and papery thin about 1″ across in bunches about 4-8″ wide. The stems are around 10-24″ long.

They add a very interesting touch to arrangements with other flowers and are fascinating enough to look very pleasing on their own! Another benefit of the early cut hydrangeas is that they will last longer when kept in water than the fully bloomed, as you get to watch all of the buds bloom over a span of up to 10 days. Hydrangeas are also available year round.

The hydrangea’s flower language meanings are perseverance and ‘Thank you for understanding.’

So, if you are only familiar with the fully bloomed hydrangeas you see growing on the bushes, give the early cuts a try for a unique edge in the floral arrangement of your choice!


Flower of the Week- Calla Lily

14 Jun


This summer wedding season, calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) , in all their vibrant color and size variations, are quickly becoming a favorite choice for outfit decorations, bouquets, room arrangements, etc. They are well suited for any ornamental need!

Also called Trumpet lilies, Arum lilies, and Pig lilies, Calla lilies have an elegant, swooping curvature to the petal shape and have large and mini sizes. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, red, peach, orange, yellow, green, and the very intriguing bicolored forms.

Calla lilies are perennial and require part shade, and full sun in cooler climates. They are definitely not edible, but who would want to stop looking at them any how?

They are fragrant and  last between four and eight days, but look lovely dried if you want to hold on them to remember your special occasion!

Flower Of The Week

13 Aug

This week’s flower is such a funny little one!
Billy Balls

The proper name for these flowers is Craspedia, but they are also known as billy balls, or globe yarrow. The blossoms form a tight round ball ranging from half to one and a half inches in diameter. The stem is very thin and leafless. Craspedia is always yellow and is a great accent flower in bouquets and arrangements. Many brides who are getting married in the fall choose to inclued billy balls as one of their wedding flowers! Craspedia means good health.

Flower Of The Week

16 Jul

The flower in the spotlight this week shares its name with a tentacled sea creature.

Anemones can also be called windflower, poppy anemone, or lily of the field. They are a flat flower with either a black or white center. The petals can be white, blue, purple, red, or a combination of any of those four colors. The white flowers with black centers are especially popular for weddings with a black and white color scheme. The meaning of anemones is somewhat depressing: Expectation or Abandonment, Forsaken, Fragile, Fading hope, Refusal, or Sickness (maybe we’ll just keep that to ourselves)

Flower Of The Week

9 Jul

This week’s flower is another that thrives in the summer months.

The picture above shows different varieties of Zinnias. They can have a flat bloom or they can resemble dahlias. Zinnias can be white, lavender, purple, pink, red, peach, orange, yellow, or green. Meaning: Thoughts of absent friends, absence Pink/Magenta: Lasting affection Scarlet: Constancy

Flower Of The Week

14 May

This week’s flower is a somewhat unusual line flower

Liatris goes by many names including; gayfeather, blazing star, button flower, snakeroot, and purple poker. It is almost always lavender, but on rare occasions it can be white. Liatris is a long slender flower that has clusters of spiky florets at the top twelve to eighteen inches of the stem. the stems can be anywhere from eighteen to thirty-six inches long. There is no known meaning of the flower Liatris.

Flower Of The Week

7 May

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and roses will be a popular choice, but maybe you’d like to give your mom a slight variation of the classic rose.
Spray Rose

Spray roses are so sweet just like your mom. They look just like a regular rose, but are small and have 5 to 8 flowers on each stem. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, peach, orange, and yellow. They look lovely in a vase alone or included in a spring mix. The Cash & Carry Spray roses will be $15.99 for 10 stems this week. Spray Roses mean beauty and youth, charming, a heart of innocent love.