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Flower of the Week- Calla Lily

14 Jun


This summer wedding season, calla lilies (Zantedeschia aethiopica) , in all their vibrant color and size variations, are quickly becoming a favorite choice for outfit decorations, bouquets, room arrangements, etc. They are well suited for any ornamental need!

Also called Trumpet lilies, Arum lilies, and Pig lilies, Calla lilies have an elegant, swooping curvature to the petal shape and have large and mini sizes. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, red, peach, orange, yellow, green, and the very intriguing bicoloredĀ forms.

Calla lilies are perennial and require part shade, and full sun in cooler climates. They are definitely not edible, but who would want to stop looking at them any how?

They are fragrant andĀ  last between four and eight days, but look lovely dried if you want to hold on them to remember your special occasion!


Flower Of The Week

27 Feb

This week’s flower is one of our most often requested flowers.

Stargazer Lily

Stargazers are a type of Oriental Lily and are white with pink markings. There are 5 to 8 blooms on each stem and each bloom is about 5 inches across. When you receive an arrangement from a quality florist with Stargazers in it the open flowers will have the anthers (the small orange things in the picture above) pulled off. However, not all the blooms will be open when you receive the arrangement so, as the buds open it is a good idea to take a tissue and pull the anthers off. This will prevent the orange pollen from causing any stains. All types of Lilies mean purity, majesty, wealth, pride, and innocence. The Stargazer Lily in particular means Ambition.

Flower of the Week

6 Sep

This week’s flower is Alstroemeria.

The Alstroemeria is also known as Peruvian Lily or Inca Lily. This flower comes in white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, peach, orange, yellow, and bicolor.
A little about Alstroemeria: The blooms come in clusters of 4 to 6 trumpet like flowers. Most varieties have freckle like marks or streaks of a contrasting color on the inside petals. The blooms are fragrant and can be dried.
Alstroemerias are used in arrangements to enhance the other blooms. They represent devotion, aspiration, wealth, prosperity, and fortune. Perfect for congratulating someone on a recent achievement!