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Flower Of The Week

8 Apr

The flower this week is a very unique one that goes by many names.
spencers pics2
The common names for Eremurus are Desert Candle, Foxtail Lily, Bottle Brush, and Needle of Cleopatra. It’s a spring bloomer flowering from March to August. It comes in Peach, Orange, and Yellow. It is a long cylindrical, tapering flower with many star shaped florets clustered along a 24 to 48 inch stem. Be careful not to get the blooms wet because they are very fragile.
Meaning: Endurance; I hold you in high esteem


Flower Of The Week

1 Apr

The flower this week is actually a flowering shrub that blooms in the spring.
We’ll be seeing the azaleas bloom here in Knoxville very soon! We have some gorgeous potted azaleas here at the shop as well. They are in the Rhododendron family and like to be in the shade. The blooms can be one of the 4 colors pictured above. There are Azalea festivals in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia.
Meaning: Take care of yourself for me.

Flower Of The Week

19 Mar

The flower of the week is an adorable little spring flower.
Muscari is also known as Grape Hyacinth and blooms in the spring. It can be white or blue and only grows to be 8 inches tall. The the tiny blooms cluster together in a way that resembles an upside down bunch of grapes (hence the name). It looks lovely paired with other spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, ranunculus, etc.


Flower Of The Week

11 Mar

This flower of the week can probably be found in your own backyard. (If not yours, then your neighbor’s.)
Forsythia blooms from January through April. The flowers are always yellow and grow along a 30 to 48 inch stem. The Forsythia plant grows as a bush and can be seen all around Knoxville. This flower looks lovely in spring arrangements. Meaning: Anticipation

Flower Of The Week

23 Jan

This flower of the week is a repeat from last year (from around the same time), but it is such a popular flower & we’re running a special on them.

The season for tulips has begun and they are beautiful. Tulips come in a wide range of colors and can also be two toned. They need to be kept in cool water to keep them from opening too quickly. When you get them home if they are too open you can put them in the refrigerator for a little while or put a few ice cubes in the vase. Tulips also grow toward a light source, so you may have to cut a few inches off the stems every few days. Since we talked about tulips once before here are some pictures of the different varieties of tulips. The picture above is of holland tulips which we keep in the shop all the time. We have bunches of 10 for $7.99 & our special during the month of January is $25 for 10 tulips in a vase with FREE local delivery!

Parrot Tulips
Parrot tulips are usually two toned and the petals have a ruffled edge.

French tulips
French tulips look basically the same as Holland Tulips, but they have a much longer stem. This quality allows them to make much larger, more showy arrangements than the Holland variety. They are however, quite a bit more expensive.

Tulip Meaning: Perfect Lover, Fame
Pink: Caring
Varigated: Beautiful eyes, Enchantment

Flower Of The Week

7 May

Mother’s Day is this Sunday and roses will be a popular choice, but maybe you’d like to give your mom a slight variation of the classic rose.
Spray Rose

Spray roses are so sweet just like your mom. They look just like a regular rose, but are small and have 5 to 8 flowers on each stem. They come in white, lavender, purple, pink, magenta, red, burgundy, peach, orange, and yellow. They look lovely in a vase alone or included in a spring mix. The Cash & Carry Spray roses will be $15.99 for 10 stems this week. Spray Roses mean beauty and youth, charming, a heart of innocent love.

Flower Of The Week

2 Apr

Can you believe it’s already April? You all know what that means. It’s time for the April birth flower!
Sweet Pea

Sweet pea comes in white, lavender, purple and pink. It has an average of 5 paper-like, butterfly shaped, blooms on each stem. As well as being the birth flower for April, sweet pea is also associated with the 30th wedding anniversary. It also means remember me, blissful pleasure, shyness, and thank you for a lovely time.

Note: If you would like an arrangement including sweet pea be sure to give us a call the day before because we do not keep it in stock so we would have to special order it for you.